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About The School

Our School of Digital Technology Skills is designed to prepare students for lucrative careers in the field of Data Science & Advanced Analytics. Students master critical skills such as Computer Networking, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Cyber Security.

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - B.Sc (Hons.)

Curriculum Focus:
The program allows students to develop skills related to understanding concepts of business analytics, statistical analysis, computational thinking, & application of artificial & machine learning across industries.

Learning Outcomes:
This program covers programming & computation, information processing, data structures, software development, decision making, data analysis, robotics, & language processing.

Employment Opportunities:
We prepare students to be absorbed across industries in roles such as data scientists, app developers, software developers, systems architects, & embedded systems developers.

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Master of Science in Computer Networking & Cyber Security - M.Sc

Curriculum Focus:
The program focuses on designing a cyber security approach for an organization, its implementation, & management. Students develop the ability to understand threats, manage resources, implement solutions, & effectively communicate these to the senior decision makers.

Learning Outcomes:
Students develop an understanding of the cyber threat landscape, various types of cyber incidents, & how they impact businesses. The program covers the key technologies required to defend & protect organizational information infrastructures from cyber-security threats & how to develop a strategy that can manage & limit the impact an attack can have on a business.

Employment Opportunities:
This program prepares students to be absorbed across industries in the field of cyber-security as software engineers, cyber security consultants, information security analysts, software architects, etc.

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